Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Sputnikfest is coming up! Did you know that was a thing? ...

2 hours ago

Cedar Crest Ice Cream

OK, this one is tougher, share if you were able to do this without brain freeze! ...

10 hours ago

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Bryce AshworthOne second1   ·  8 hours ago

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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Yea, just under 15 seconds...how long did it take you? ...

I'm usually pretty good at these but this one was tough! Simon — with 8 number you see it and number 8.

1 day ago

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Carol Cellarius9 th row from the bottom.1 day ago

Lee Lowery5 seconds ^^1   ·  1 day ago

Nancy WalkerAll of 2 seconds1   ·  1 day ago

Beverley Schroeder8 seconds1 day ago

Rose SherwoodFew seconds1 day ago

Elaine FrenchFound it. . Few seconds! Yeah!1 day ago

Joan KohlsFor some reason it is very easy to pick out1 day ago

Bryce Ashworth1 second1 day ago

Carolyn Keeleya second1 day ago

Kenneth J. GoltzAbout 10 sec...14 hours ago

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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Cedar Crest Ice Cream shared sixteencandlesband's photo. ...

Ha — with September Rain and 6 others.

1 day ago

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Barbara Walbersaw them in concert years ago....1 day ago

Kimberly KlausThat's adorable! They were in Phoenix opening for Chicago earlier this month but I didn't have the money to go...as usual.1 day ago

Rachel Erin KaislerHahaha, is this what you were thinking of Kelsey??? Lol1 day ago

Matthew GallJennifer Schultz Gall1 day ago

Hannah RoehlLiza Rose Lettner1   ·  23 hours ago

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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Share a photo of Cedar Crest Ice Cream in your freezer on our Facebook page and you could be one of three to win a FREE 48 ounce package of Cedar Crest Ice Cream to put in your freezer! Hey, it's the fastest way to get free ice cream I've ever heard of. Take a quick photo, slap it on our FB page and who knows, more ice cream! (2 photos) ...

2 days ago

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Bonni BudrickYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM- always Cedar Crest in our freezer.1   ·  2 days ago

Amy Hamblin SonnemannMy husband's favorite. I'm a butter pecan fan myself!1   ·  2 days ago

Dawn MarieShared2 days ago

Tracy GeigelI dont have any in my freezer because we just walk to the big cow!!2   ·  2 days ago

Zua RodriguezI need some of that!2 days ago

Bonni Budricktrue story?!?! LOL3   ·  2 days ago

Christopher PurcellFinally a contest that makes sense. We drove 30 miles to get this. 15 each way.i bet no one else post blueberry.2   ·  2 days ago

Lenita Krall48 oz would never make it to our freezer!! haha! :)2 days ago

Shari RezachekJust enough to make it to the weekend!!! Good thing "the cow" is a few blocks away!2   ·  2 days ago

Kim EisThis is how we buy Cedar Crest ice cream in the 3 gallon tubs!4   ·  2 days ago

Simone Reindl1 day ago

Cindy Parr HawleyCoconut Explosion and Pirates Booty in our freezer now. Yum!1 day ago

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Cedar Crest Craft Ice Cream

Pure Frozen Joy


At Cedar Crest the ice cream business is the only business we’re in, so our level of commitment is really high. And with our craft ice cream philosophy, our processes are all centered on making small batches that give the ice cream more flavor and creaminess. A flavor and creaminess that we think is unsurpassed in the ice cream business, and we sincerely hope you agree.


-Ken Kohlwey
President & Chief Tester

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