Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Name the flavor of this scoop just by looking at it! The first person who gets it right wins a FREE 48 ounce package of ice cream! ...

21 hours ago

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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

George Washington was smart - and he loved ice cream. He loved it so much, one summer he spent $200.00 on ice cream (I wonder if he used money with his own picture on it?) ...

1 day ago

Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Trivia question: On what day of the week do American's buy the most ice cream? ...

2 days ago

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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

There just cannot be enough cuteness in this world... ...

Just a short, funny video to brighten your day. :)

2 days ago

Just a short, funny video to brighten your day. :)
Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Did you go to Road America this past weekend? If you didn't, this is what you missed (that and some very good ice cream). ...

Want to relive all the fun at The Hawk Road America? Watch the video below!

2 days ago

Want to relive all the fun at The Hawk Road America? Watch the video below!

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Jennifer DeMasterwhere was there Cedar Crest Ice Cream?? I'm there a lot in the Summer and can't remember seeing your ice cream!2 days ago

Cedar Crest Ice CreamHi - it's in the Paddock where the vendors are. If you look between corner 5 and the Start/Finish, it's on top of the hill just inside the pit area.2 days ago

Jennifer DeMasterIn the merchandise store?2 days ago

Cedar Crest Ice CreamNo, in the food kiosk.2 days ago

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Cedar Crest Craft Ice Cream

Pure Frozen Joy


At Cedar Crest the ice cream business is the only business we’re in, so our level of commitment is really high. And with our craft ice cream philosophy, our processes are all centered on making small batches that give the ice cream more flavor and creaminess. A flavor and creaminess that we think is unsurpassed in the ice cream business, and we sincerely hope you agree.


-Ken Kohlwey
President & Chief Tester

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