2018 4-H Contest Form

Cedar Crest Ice Cream and the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation have teamed up again to present the "Cedar Crest Ice Cream 4-H Flavor Contest" for Wisconsin 4-H clubs. The contest is open to all Wisconsin 4-H members to create and submit a flavor recipe. Entries are due no later than October 1, 2018.

Submit entries by October 1, 2018, using this online form or submit the PDF form via email to dskowronski@brand-directions.com.

We encourage you to include high-resolution photos (cell phone or digital camera), drawings or stories about the development of your flavor with your entry; however, it is not required. Please email to: dskowronski@brand-directions.com or use the File Upload option below.

All entries into the Cedar Crest Ice Cream Flavor contest become the sole property of Cedar Crest Ice Cream.  Any images, descriptions, photos or other material submitted as part of the contest may be used at the discretion of Cedar Crest Ice Cream and the 4-H Foundation for promotional purposes.