4-H Foundation Wisconsin Sponsorship

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Cedar Crest is a proud sponsor of 4-H Foundation Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation exists to provide essential support for the 4-H Youth Development program – a program of the University of Wisconsin Extension, Cooperative Extension in partnership with state, federal and county government in each Wisconsin county. Cedar Crest is a partner in providing support for the 4-H network of Cooperative Extension staff and more than 20,000 adult and youth volunteers in shaping nearly 350,000 4-H youth who take part in various 4-H activities throughout the state.

Our partnerships helps 4-H Foundation create cutting-edge, relevant programs for young people to learn real-world skills that will prepare them for the challenges of today and tomorrow, moving communities, the state, our county and the world forward in ways no other youth organization can.

Wisconsin 4-H is a positive organization that shares the same values that has made Cedar Crest a great Wisconsin company. If you would like to support 4-H, follow this link to the 4-H Foundation Wisconsin web site.

Here are just a few facts about the value of 4-H Foundation Wisconsin:

  • 6 times more likely to be at the highest levels of positive development
  • More likely to see themselves going to college compared to other youth
  • 25% more likely to contribute to themselves, their families, and communities
  • 41% less likely to engage in high risk behaviors