Festivals & Attractions

Cedar Crest Ice Cream, adding flavor to your favorite Wisconsin events and attractions!

We support many of the events, festivals and teams that you love best. From auto racing to the zoo and everything in between, Cedar Crest Premium Ice Cream is a sponsor or offers dipping locations with the creamy, premium flavors you want to make your outing that much more enjoyable.

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Cedar Crest, a proud sponsor of the Milwaukee County Zoowpec825f47_05_06.

As one of the country’s finest zoological attractions, the Milwaukee County Zoo will educate, entertain and inspire you! Visit over 2,000 mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles in specialized habitats spanning 200 wooded acres. Explore educational wildlife shows, fun attractions and enticing special events.The Zoo is a place where everyone can laugh and learn – it’s a place to be amazed and inspired — a place where nature and wonder meet! Oh, and while you’re there, look for the dipping location and enjoy Cedar Crest Premium Ice Cream!