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What’s New At Cedar Crest

We’re so glad you asked. Cedar Crest is an innovative company, and we’re always up to something. Stop in from time to time to find out about what’s new and exciting at Cedar Crest!

Cedar Crest Awarded SQF Certification!


Level 2 Certified Supplier Blue SQF Logo

SQF (Safe Quality Food) is an independent, global certification program that is a quality benchmark for the food industry. SQF certification demonstrates a food supplier has attained, and complies with specific international standards for producing safe, quality foods. Achieving SQF certified status enables a food supplier to give assurances that food has been produced, prepared and handled according to the most recognized standards, and demonstrates a commitment to quality processes and continual improvement of its operation.


4-H4-H Winner Is Udder Delight!

The new winning flavor is Udder Delight, a fabulous combination of vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered waffle cone pieces, fudge ribbon and peanut butter cups.  The winning entry is from  the Dyckesville Dolphins 4-H Club. Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Board Member Karissa Seibel presented the club with a check from Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Udder Delight is now available through Cedar Crest Ice Cream. The Dolphins were presented a $300 check and were served their winning ice cream at a party March 20, 2014.

Official ice cream contest entry forms can be found on the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation’s website: http://wis4hfoundation.org

4H3 4H2 4H-1


Strawberry-Sand-Box-6-pkNew Packaging For Cups & Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Cedarburg WI, Cedar Crest Ice Cream recently launched two new packaged ice cream novelties for retail, food service and convenience store sales. The move comes as a result of an ever growing business plan for Cedar Crest in premium ice cream.

The new 8-pack cups come in a variety of flavors including new Mint ‘N’ Fudge, and better fit the size and quantity today’s consumers are looking for. It’s the same premium quality ice cream in a new package, which went on sale recently.

A 6-pack of ice cream sandwiches in a variety of flavors is being marketed primarily with Cedar Crest retail partners. Cedar Crest Ice Cream Sandwiches are made with premium ice cream sandwiched between a high quality cookie wafer. The new package size will better fit the demands of families looking for a high quality ice cream snack.



Cedar Crest Now Sponsoring Bucks Basketball, Dipping During Games!

As a part of Cedar Crest sponsorship of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team, Cedar Crest premium ice cream can be enjoyed during the basketball games as well as any of the popular events taking place at this exciting venue. Going to see the Bucks? Now you can enjoy your favorite ice cream while you watch Bucks Basketball.


Easy Graham Cracker Ice Cream Treats

1 – Soften Cedar Crest Ice Cream – it’s warm in your kitchen, so don’t let the ice cream sit too long; you want it smooth not soupy.

2 – Spread – one flavor of ice cream on a Graham Cracker (we used chocolate crackers, but you may use plain as well). Spread a second, complimentary flavor on a second Graham Cracker. We used Shipwreck and Chocolate Cookie Extreme (and it was so delicious). Try Sherbet, it’s fantastic, (and nobody makes a better Sherbet than Cedar Crest).

3 – Freeze – place sandwiches whole in a shallow dish and freeze for at least 2 hours (this is the hardest part because you’ll want to eat them right away).

4 – Cut & Wrap – gently lift the frozen treats on to a cutting board and cut them in half. Wrap them in plastic and put them back in the freezer (well, the ones you didn’t eat, at least).

Finished IC Sandy Set Up IC Sandy

Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Go Pack Go! ...

New England Patriots. Cincinnati Bengals. Carolina Panthers. Atlanta Falcons. Green Bay Packers. Denver Broncos. 6 undefeated teams remain.

4 days ago

Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Happy Confucius Day - "It doesnt' matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop!" Best Confucius quote wins a FREE pint of Cedar Crest Ice Cream (Confucius say: Person who wait to long with answer, not have a sweet future). ...

2 weeks ago

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Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Milwaukee Brewers
Nice hit!

Here's a GRAND way to take the lead! Jason Rogers' pinch-hit Grand Slam in the 9th gives the #Brewers the lead. That's one of three home runs for the Crew today! Check out the rest on #Powerball #HomerunLeaderboard, presented by @WisconsinLottery: www.brewers.com/homeruns

2 weeks ago

Here's a GRAND way to take the lead! Jason Rogers' pinch-hit Grand Slam in the 9th gives the #Brewers the lead. 

That's one of three home runs for the Crew today! Check out the rest on #Powerball #HomerunLeaderboard, presented by @WisconsinLottery: www.brewers.com/homeruns
Cedar Crest Ice Cream

IndyCar Series
Just going out for a little ice cream and I got really excited (and yes, OK, I was speeding).

Coming later today... Visor cam from Road America with James Hinchcliffe and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports! #Hinchi5Back #IndyCar #GoPro GoPro

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Coming later today... Visor cam from Road America with James Hinchcliffe and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports! #Hinchi5Back #IndyCar #GoPro GoPro