September 28, 2017

Kenosha Klovers 4H Submits 7 Entries!

Kenosha Klovers 4H Submits 7 Entries! Header Image

As our 2017 Flavor Creation Contest is winding down, entries are due no later than October 1, Cedar Crest would love to share the story of the Kenosha Kovers 4H Club and their 7 entries! To learn more about the content, please click here. Winner will be announced TBD.aiden

Erika Behling, the general leader for the Kenosha Klovers 4H Club, shared the following creation contest story with us:

"We had a great time at our general club meeting creating these flavors. It was a fun activity because we could have full participation from our youngest youth (cloverbud in 1st grade) to our oldest (10th grader). Some youth worked independently while others worked together to create their creations. I love some of the names a few of our members came up with. In the end, we decided to submit each entry (instead of simply voting on one) because we had too hard a time trying to choose our favorite. At a future meeting we may even attempt to replicate some of the flavors ourselves. Thank you Cedar Crest for sponsoring this activity!"

Good luck to the Kenosha Klovers!

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