November 29, 2017

Taste the Season To Be Jolly!

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Look for Mrs. Bowen's Tom & Jerry Mix wherever Cedar Crest is sold. This holiday favorite is sure recreate memories and create new ones for your celebrations.

Warm up with a few Delicious Traditional Recipes

Tom & Jerry

Use: 1 tbsp. Tom & Jerry Mix in a cup or coffee cup
Add: 3/4 jigger of rum, 3/4 jigger of brandy. Fill cup to the brim with hot water. Sprinkle top with grated nutmeg.

Egg Nog

Blend: 1 qt. of milk and 1 cup of heavy cream
Add: 1 container (14 oz.) Tom & Jerry Mix
Stir Well & Add: 1 cup of whiskey, 1/2 cup of brandy. Chill for several hours. Stir and sprinkle top with grated nutmeg

Children's Egg Nog

2 tbsp. of Tom & Jerry Mix. Fill cup with hot water or milk. Sprinkle top with grated nutmeg.

French Toast

Use: Add milk to 1 cup of Tom & Jerry Mix to get a proper consistency for dipping. Dip bread into mixture. Cook until each side is golden brown.

*Try with flavored coffee or milk - Store at -10 degrees Fahrenheit or below until ready to use

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