November 17, 2016

The Dedication of a Cedar Crest Customer

Thomas Monson, the Cedar Crest District Sales Leader in Minneapolis shared the following experience Pat Duzynski, the Cedar Crest Route Sales Person, had with a loyal customer today.

Hello Everyone,

With all the excitement we've had lately here maybe something to bring some light to your day. 

Talking with Pat when he got in from running his route today; when a car followed him into the warehouse. The driver of the car was in her elder years, told Pat that her and her husband had been following him since he left Hastings MN. The drive from Hastings to the warehouse is about 40 miles through 15 miles of road construction and the main part of the cities. The driver followed him back just to ask where she could buy Cedar Crest. It is her favorite ice cream and would have bought some direct from Pat if that was possible.

I would say that is dedication and loyalty.

Thank you for sharing, Thomas and Pat! 

Are you a Cedar Crest loyalist? Share your story with us!

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