Cedar Crest - The Great Parlor Roadtrip


The tastiest game of the summer is here! Tour the greatest flavors around on the Cedar Crest Ice Cream Great Parlor Road Trip. Go with your family or friends to a participating parlor, order some amazing ice cream...savor all the different flavors or simply just request a sticker and place your sticker on the passport. Collect 10 stickers, each from different participating locations, for a chance to win amazing prizes! No purchase necessary.

Cedar Crest Ice Cream Great Parlor Road Trip Map & Passport


The adventure begins May 1, 2018. Participating parlors will be stocked with Road Trip maps and passports. Travel to 10 different parlors and request a sticker for your passport. Collect as many unique stickers as you can for a chance to win big! 

To be eligible to win, at the end of September you will need to mail in the passport portion of your map to Cedar Crest Ice Cream.parlor landingpage map image2


  1. Request a map from a parlor
  2. Try your best to go to every parlor you can
  3. Make sure to get your passport sticker every time
  4. Mail your map in to Cedar Crest to be entered to win

*Complete rules can be found HERE



And so the adventure begins! Visit these participating parlors from May 1 through September 30, collect stickers on your passport, and at the September turn in your passport for a chance to win!

Use the Parlor Locator below to find a participating parlor near or far!